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Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the world wide web.  My name is Pamela, but Pam will get my attention every time.  (or Mom…that works too)  I have two children in college and my little guy just entered middle school.  My husband and I have been blessed with a lifetime of enoughs…and I am abundantly grateful.  I strive to celebrate individuality in myself and others. I treasure abandoned things, intent on repurposing and reinventing the dusty and tired, reclaiming their forgotten value.  I am a classic type “A”.  Each day, I challenge myself to see a bit of wonder hiding in the ordinary.  Some days, it takes all of the creativity I can muster to recognize it, but I have yet to live a day without grace since I made the choice to start looking.  I discovered the art of Zentangle® completely by accident.  It’s teachings attract countless unexpected blessings to my life every day.  Serendipity?  Absolutely!  And again, I am abundantly grateful.


As a Certified Zentangle Teacher, my hope is to share how simply and easily a pen and paper can lead to a peaceful, quiet place.  In my experience, it’s like learning to ride a bike.  At the begining it seems hopeless…impossible to find your balance.  But once you find your way …there’s no turning back, you wonder how and why it seemed so hard in the first place.  All at once it feels completely natural.


Most of my life, I believed that a state of “zen” was just not accessible to me. Quite frankly, it was for other people.  The key to unlocking my zen happens to be a pen and a square tile of cotton paper. Finding it has changed my life.  What can a little zen do for you?

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